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Most Indian households takes up a personal loans in the event of a financial emergency. Financial emergency can be due to the medical reason, children higher studies, marriage or home renovation, etc.,

We at finirio understands your requirement for a personal loan. Sanctioning at a lower rate of interest in a personal loan case depends on the profile of a customer.

We have  helped more than  1200+ customers to get a personal loan  at lowest rate of interest.


Ans. Tenure given is in between 12 to 60 months (1-5 years). Short term loans for one to two years are provided but for very less value and are also rare.

Ans. Generally any bank/nbfc considers 40-50% of the monthly income as deposable towards the EMI. Depending on the current obligations bank/nbfcs deduct some part from the deposable income to give further loan.

Yes, you are eligible for a loan. But, bank gives loan looking at your business. In case of a businessman, bank refrains from giving direct personal loan for any need. Banks take risk with a unsecured loan only if the financials of the company are strong.

Generally bank prefers salaried individuals working in pvt ltd firms with salary above 20k a month. Company should be in the list of bank/nbfc. 

Incase loan requirement is less below 50lakh and financial documents supports repayment capacity. Answer is no.

For higher loan amount in which the repayment is not possible in 4-5years of duration, yes you will need to give a property/ gold as collateral.

yes, why not. No one should be gender biased.

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